Campaign Activities, Games and Incentives

Find the fun in fundraising! Adding activities, games and incentives to your United Way campaign promotes team development, while helping your workplace reach its goal.

Start today by downloading our pre-made, themed activity guides!


Incorporate activities into your campaign to generate enthusiasm and raise additional dollars. Consider including these customizable fundraising ideas.

  • Theme basket raffle or auction
  • Website scavenger hunt
  • Casual attire day
  • Chili cook-off
  • Kickball or wiffle ball tournament
  • Pumpkin carving contest
  • Dessert cart or bake sale


Consider having your team play one of our interactive games, facilitated by a United Way representative. These are a great way to get employees involved in the campaign as well as learn more about what United Way of Greater Stark County does for our community. Ask your United Way representative for more information!


Incentives can build excitement and strengthen overall employee giving. Customize these ideas to fit your organization and budget.

  • Corporate match
  • Pizza party
  • Gift cards

To get the most out of incentives, consider how best to structure them for your campaign. Think about what you want to accomplish, then decide how to set your incentives. For example:

  • By individual participation: Anyone who participates is eligible.
  • By timeframe: Anyone who contributes by X day is eligible for a prize or drawing.
  • By increase: Anyone who increases their gift over the previous year by ___ % is eligible for a prize.
  • By gift level: Anyone who gives XX dollars or more is entered into a special drawing.
  • By company goal: If the company achieves XX% participation, all employees can wear jeans on Friday.