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Lessening the burden of poverty for children and families will strengthen our community. United Way has walked alongside those in need for over a century to create a stronger community. We will continue to help children and families who experience the burdens of poverty because our future depends on it.

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Strong Neighborhoods. Strong Families.

Real change starts with understanding where people come from, addressing disparities and strengthening neighborhoods in partnership with its residents.  

United Way of Greater Stark County believes that we must disrupt the vicious cycle of disinvestment and displacement which damage the vitality of communities of families with low or even no income.  

Every dollar invested in high-quality early care and education can yield up to $12 in better outcomes in health, public safety, economic productivity, and education.  

United Way of Greater Stark County and community organizations:

  • Work to focus efforts to children and families most at risk for remaining or becoming poor
  • Support single parent families, especially those headed by females  
  • Work within the neighborhoods which positively affects entire communities

It takes the community to work together to alleviate the impacts of poverty on our children!  

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Together, we connect the families in our most vulnerable neighborhoods with resources and programs to help them succeed and thrive.