Centennial Celebration

Since 1922, United Way has been present in Stark County. On Feb 20, 2022, we begin to celebrate the many years of progress and transformation.

100 years of history

Through the merging of United Way Alliance, Central Stark County and Western Stark, United Way of Greater Stark County has been a part of this community for a century.

We couldn’t have made it this far without the support of our amazing and generous donors, volunteers, workplaces and community partners.

Please note: this page will be updated throughout 2021 and 2022 with information and events as they become available.


Past 100 Years

Since 1922, United Way has been an integral part of the community, bringing people together to create stronger neighborhoods.

We have continued to work hard over the years to make our community a better place through health education and financial stability programs and advocating for compelling policy change.

Over the years, United Way has remained steadfast in the spirit of innovation and transformed into a social impact organization that takes on the big, complex, and daunting challenges our community faces daily.

Learn more about us and see the evolution of our logo over the past century at  https://www.uwstark.org/about/history/

Logo Contest

We are excited to see your ideas for our centennial logo and look forward to celebrating with our community in 2022.

Goal: Create a visual logo that encompasses United Way of Greater Stark County’s journey over the past 100 years through volunteerism, advocacy and community giving.




  • Must say United Way of Greater Stark County, 100 years and 1922-2022
  • Preference is in the color scheme/branding of United Way
  • One submission per artist
  • Art must be in JPG form
  • Art will be used in digital and print material for 2022
  • Submission must be in by May 21, 2021 at midnight.
Download colors, fonts and logo


Thank you for taking the time to create your masterpiece and submitting your idea for United Way of Greater Stark County’s Centennial Celebration.

Disclaimer: If your art is chosen as the final logo, you will also need to submit the file in full color and one color, plus AI, EPS and PDF form. There is no monetary value attached to this submission.