How your donation helps

For the cost of everyday items and activities, you can provide health and human services for those in need in Greater Stark County. Gifts of all sizes can make a significant impact on the well being of another.

$26 gift ($1/pay) =

A magazine subscription OR
Glucometer and one month supply of test strips for 2 OR
One hour of counseling for a sexual abuse victim OR
One dental visit including cleaning and check up


$52 gift ($2/pay) =

A night at the movie theater for a family of four OR
Swim lessons for five children from low income families OR
A complete outfit and supplies for the school year for a child in need OR
Glucometers and a month’s supply of test strips for four people


$120 gift ($4.62/pay) =

A large coffee every Friday for a year OR
Three hours of group treatment for a preschooler with severe developmental, behavioral and emotional problems OR
Four hours of counseling for a victim of sexual abuse OR
A complete eye examination and a pair of eyeglasses for four people


$250 gift ($9.62/pay) =

Dinner and tickets for two to a Broadway musical OR
Ten youth can participate in a youth sports program OR
Three weeks of day camp for an at-risk youth OR
A week of shelter for a battered woman and her children OR
Ten dental visits which would include five fillings, two extractions, two check-ups with x-rays and one cleaning


$500 gift ($19.25/pay) =

Game system with a popular video game OR
Ten weeks of before and after school care for a child OR
School supplies for 25 children from challenged families OR
Seven days of lunches for 40 children OR
One bag of groceries each for 12 homeless individuals


$1000 gift ($38.46/pay) =

A flat screen HDTV OR
Ten weeks of day care including healthy breakfasts, lunches and afternoon snacks for a toddler from a low income family OR
Two sets of quality dentures for those who cannot afford them