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Seth’s Story

For years, Dina Gast watched her son, Seth, struggle in school. “I remember sitting and crying because I knew he had dyslexia and couldn’t get anyone to listen to me,” she said. “He spent years struggling with schoolwork, feeling frustrated and stupid. He felt so badly about himself that he struggled to make friends, talk to girls or stick up …

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Renee’s Story

Every day, Renee faced the same question – how would she get to and from work that day? Renee worked a split shift as a bus driver for one of Stark County’s school districts, a job that she needed to maintain if she hoped to pay down her debt. Occasionally she borrowed a family car to get to work or …

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Mike’s Story

When Mike’s son first began using drugs and alcohol, he was only 13 years old. By the age of 18, his drug use escalated to heroin. “I absolutely had the belief that drug addiction happens to someone else or somebody else’s family,” Mike said. “I never expected that to happen to my child.” For nearly eight years, his heroin addiction …

Teen Court helps students learn from their peers

Peer connections drive positive outcomes. That message is clear in Stark County Teen Court, a program where students gain real courtroom experience and juvenile defendants can get a second chance.

Restoring Hope After Trauma

As clinicians and advocates, it is critical for us to meet our clients wherever they are in their journey, with the hope that something beautiful can shine from the darkness that they may be feeling.