Domestic Abuse Survivor Finds Safety and Stability

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The following story was submitted by our funded partner the Domestic Violence Project, Inc.


In June 2018, a 33-year-old mother of eight contacted the 24-hour emergency hotline seeking safe shelter. This survivor had experienced severe physical violence by her partner, including the need for medical treatment due to injuries. Due to this abuse, she was homeless and staying in a local shelter where she continued to be harassed and stalked by her abuser.

This survivor expressed that her goals while in shelter were to get proper documentation to her AMHA caseworker to obtain a Section 8 housing voucher. She also wanted to make sure her children could finish out the school year in Akron and wanted to obtain employment.

While in shelter, she was assisted with obtaining birth certificates for her children by utilizing United Way Birth Certificate vouchers. She did obtain her Section 8 voucher, found permanent housing and DVPI assisted her with $650 in VOCA funds for her security deposit. She was provided furniture for her new house through DVPI resources. Transportation was arranged through local McKinney-Vento liaisons for her children to attend school. She is currently employed, reports that she and the children are doing well, and is still in contact with DVPI’s case managers.

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