Kevin Pete

Your role on the board:  Board Member  

Tell us a bit about your background: I grew up in Stark County and graduated from Perry High School, then I received my degree in pharmacy from The Ohio State University. My work experience includes working and managing local retail pharmacies, serving as Senior Vice President at AultCare, and I currently serve as a Senior Vice President for the Aultman Health Foundation.   

What do you/did you do for work?  My current role within Aultman is the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Pharmacy and Physician Services. Our teams focus on primary care and pharmacy services across the community and health system.   

How did you come to join the United Way board? How long have you been on the board?  I am currently serving my first year on the United Way Board as a representative for the Aultman Health Foundation.  My wife and I have been involved with numerous campaigns and programs for the United Way over the last twenty years.   

Briefly explain your work on the board: At this time, my current role is serving as a board member.   

Describe your involvement with United Way prior to joining the board: My wife (Diane) and I have served on many campaign committees and fundraising events for the United Way over the last 20 years.    

What community partners or volunteer programs are you most passionate about supporting? Why is United Way’s work important to you? Please explain. In general, I am passionate about programs that help families and especially children gain access to education, housing, food and health care services. United Way has numerous programs that support these areas of need within our community. United Way’s work is also important as it helps support our mission at Aultman to “Lead Our Community to Improved Health”.   

If you could share any piece of advice with the children of Stark County, what would it be? Work hard, play hard and stay humble throughout your life.   

What do you like to do in your down time? Spend time with my family and friends outdoors. I love to mountain bike, hike and play water sports. I also enjoy playing chess, sudoku and any kind of board or card games.

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