Alex Ickes

Your title: Director of Major & Legacy Gifts  

Tell us a bit about your background: Passionate fundraiser and change agent with a deep respect for human potential - ambitiously raising philanthropic dollars to make our world a better place. Experienced in philanthropy with various nonprofit organizations and in higher education. Forever and always trailblazing to improve the lives of others. 

When did you join the team at United Way of Greater Stark County? March 2023 

Briefly explain your role at United Way: I oversee our Alexis de Tocqueville, Legacy (Planned Giving) and Young Leaders Society. I work with our supporters to reach their philanthropic goals and make a long-lasting impact on Stark and Carroll Counties.   

What do you enjoy most about your work at United Way? The impact that is created by our organization through raising dollars to help children and their families have the opportunity to succeed.  

What community partners or volunteer programs are you most passionate about supporting? Please explain. Give 5 is one of the top programs that comes to mind. It is an opportunity for retirees or really anyone who has some extra time to give 5 hours or more a month to volunteer in Stark or Carroll counties. It is a great way to make a difference through one’s time and talents.  

Stark County Huger Task Force is one of our funded partners that I am also very fond of. Backpacks for Kids ensures that children have access to the resource of food when they depart from school for the weekend. In one of my previous roles, I aided in the fundraising efforts to establish a food pantry on a university’s campus. The campaign was very successful, and during that time, I learned much more about food insecurity. Food is essential and we must ensure that children and their families have adequate access to this basic need.  

What do you like to do outside of work? When I am not raising dollars for our community, I find myself traveling, spending time with family and friends, eating a delicious meal and petting my dogs and cats.  

If you could share any piece of advice with the children of Stark County, what would it be? In the picture of life, one can always color within the lines and create a beautiful masterpiece. However, do not be afraid to color outside the lines. Oftentimes, that is where the true beauty lies in wait.

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