Reporting Tools

Tracking and reporting your campaign results allows your company and donors to receive deserved recognition for their generosity and hard work. It also helps you analyze areas of success and opportunities for growth for future campaigns. Below are some general tips to help you report and track your results.

Reporting Envelope: You should have received a reporting envelope in your packet of campaign materials. If you do not have it or need another one, download this form to calculate and track your campaign results.


  • Collect

    Make sure all pledge cards are turned in. Send a reminder e-mail or ask each department head to check with employees. It helps to ask ALL employees to turn in their pledge forms regardless of whether they are choosing to give or not. This helps you know that everyone has had the chance to give, if they so choose.

  • Count

    Know the number of donors and amounts raised in each of the following categories: cash, check, credit card, direct bill and payroll deduction. Don’t forget to include any special event dollars you may have or your corporate donation, if applicable.

  • Complete

    Make sure to make a copy of any payroll deduction gifts and turn those into your payroll department. Enter your campaign totals on the reporting envelope. You can also download a PDF of the form (above) if you need additional copies.

  • Contact

    Contact your United Way of Greater Stark County campaign representative or call (330) 491-9974 to let us know you are done. We will come pick up your paperwork. Please don’t send cash through the mail! Are you stuck somewhere? Contact your United Way of Greater Stark County representative. We are happy to help!

  • Celebrate

    Congratulations! You should feel great about helping our region. As a Campaign Coordinator, you are truly making a difference in our community.