Prosperity@Work Partners with Aultman to Help Employee Productivity & Financial Stability

CANTON, Ohio (September 22, 2020) – Aultman has partnered with United Way of Greater Stark County to deploy the recently launched Prosperity@Work, a new program providing support to retain and strengthen the local workforce by helping employees overcome personal barriers, improving their quality of life and increasing their success in the workplace.

Prosperity@Work is designed to reduce the causes of negative workplace stress by introducing resources to employers to benefit their employees and services that focus on workplace retention, productivity, advancement, financial stability and well-being of workers.

“We treasure our team members because they are what makes Aultman great,” said Sue Olivera, senior vice president of human resources, Aultman. “The pandemic has created many challenges over the past several months for everyone, and our leadership recognized the need to provide additional support. Partnering with Prosperity@Work will open new options for employees to seek the help and guidance they may need now and in the future.”

The program is a solution-driven collaboration between United Way of Greater Stark County’s Financial Prosperity Platforms and local workplaces. Prosperity@Work seeks employers to invest in their employees by providing an additional benefit of a one-on-one resource connector who is uniquely dedicated to improving employee engagement and increase retention. Connectors work with employees to make connections to services addressing barriers, set smart goals, provide financial education and establish connections to potential pathways in their employment.

Resource connectors will provide navigation to services within the Financial Prosperity Platforms. Services include financial triage and education, financial workshops, savings, managing debt and avoiding wage garnishment, risk management, retirement, flexible spending accounts and direct deposit. Any employee issues directly related to their work will be directed back to the employer. Connectors look to engage employees and help them address challenges that interfere with their ability to be productive and focus on work and career.

According to a 2018 employee financial wellness survey conducted by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, of employees who completed the survey, 47% reported they are stressed dealing with their financial situation, 41% say that their stress level related to financial issues has increased over the past 12 months and 25% reported that issues with personal finances have been a distraction at work – with 43% of those reporting their finances as a distraction admitting they weekly spend three hours or more at work thinking about or dealing with personal financial issues.

“Human capital is just as important as financial capital,” said Robin Seemann, director of financial stability programs at United Way of Greater Stark County. “Time and money go into training employees, and turnover can be costly and time consuming. Prosperity@Work is designed to teach employees how to reduce stress, manage personal finances and connect them to available community resources to help them get to work on time and be productive at work. We are excited to work with Aultman and assist them in identifying needs.”

Employers lose good workers for many reasons: long-term, reliable workers who start missing shifts, a new hire who seems to be performing well and then suddenly stops showing up or employees who lack soft skills needed to advance. Prosperity@Work helps employers retain employees by working with each individual, case by case, and providing solutions to the challenges they are facing in their personal lives.

Due to the current pandemic, many workplaces have additional employee stress. This program may also play a role in reducing stress and focus on retention and well-being of employees.

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