Diversity is inviting everyone to the event. Equity is everyone having the same rules. Inclusion is asking everyone to participate.

A program for increasing ethnic diversity in volunteer leadership

Based on the recommendation of Governor DeWine to practice social distancing, United Way has cancelled Cohort 2 of Project Blueprint, scheduled to begin Thursday, March 19th and end June 4th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and applaud efforts to be proactive to prevent illness and the spread of this virus. The next cohort will be August 27th – November 12, 2020. Specific details will be shared as those dates draw nearer.

What is Project Blueprint? Project Blueprint is designed to identify, recruit, train and connect diverse volunteer leaders to policy making roles, enhancing the effectiveness of nonprofit agencies.

Volunteer leadership development: This program is designed to increase involvement of underrepresented groups on local nonprofit,public-sector boards and committees and develop emerging and current volunteer leaders in our multi-cultural community for leadership roles.

The program provides training for interested and engaged members of the community to serve on nonprofit boards and committees, and requires continuous learning, plus willingness to explore the unfamiliar an openness to new experiences.

Sessions and activities will introduce participants to the roles and responsibilities of a nonprofit board, while developing skills which help them become successful board and committee members.

Project Blueprint's main goal is to ensure that local volunteer leadership on nonprofit boards is representative of the community, that industry experts of many perspectives become a greater voice in the community through training & placing of under-represented groups in positions of leadership on nonprofit boards and committees.

Training benefits to employers

  • Generates opportunities to sharpen leadership skills of employees
  • Creates highly motivated and challenged employees who are prepared to go above and beyond their job responsibilities
  • Enhances corporate image in the community and demonstrates community involvement
  • Invests in employee development
  • Opportunity to showcase organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion
  • Networking opportunities among companies in the community

Project Blueprint is a 12-week training program every Thursday during the session period from 4:30 - 6:30 PM at United Way of Greater Stark County. Weekly attendance is mandatory for board certification recommendation. Each session, a limited number of participants will be selected through an application process. Please submit your information below for consideration.

Project Blueprint applications can be submitted year-round. They will be reviewed by the Advisory Committee prior to the start of each session. All applicants will be notified before the sessions begins. Cost for the total season is $200, due a week before the session starts.

All applicants are encouraged to seek employer sponsorship, either in part or in full. A limited number of partial scholarships are available based on need. Scholarship requests are considered independently from the applications.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Director of Project Blueprint, LaFlovia "Flo" Gianni at 330-491-9984 or

Submit Application


  • Agency Tour
  • Orientation/Team Building
  • Economics, Power and Wealth
  • Cultural/Inclusion
  • Board Governance/Management
  • Parliamentary Procedures
  • Resource Development/Personal Branding
  • Strategic Planning
  • Fiduciary/Fiscal Responsibilities
  • Project Presentations
  • Agency Fair
  • Graduation


Next session for Project Blueprint August 27 - November 12, 2020 Schedule is subject to change.

Class times are every Thursday, 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM, unless otherwise noted.

  • Session 1: Agency Tour (Note time change in class - 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM)
  • Session 2: Orientation/Team Building
  • Session 3: Economics, Power and Wealth
  • Session 4: Cultural/Inclusion
  • Session 5: Board Governance/Management
  • Session 6: Parliamentary Procedures/Board Dynamics
  • Session 7: Resource Development/Branding
  • Session 8: Strategic Planning
  • Session 9: Fiduciary/Fiscal Responsibilities
  • Session 10: Project Presentations
  • Session 11: Agency Fairs
  • Session 12: Graduation

Project blueprint spotlight

"Project Blueprint is such a blessing. Every meeting, I walk away with valuable information and am extremely excited to put what I am learning into good use. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of quality change." - Courtney Chester

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Project Blueprint Application

Contact Information

Project Blueprint for diversity, equity and inclusion is a culturally diverse program; therefore, it is necessary for us to collect demographic information for all participants. This information will be used only to ensure alignment with the program's vision and goals.

Age Range 18-2526-3536-4546-55Over 55

Sex MaleFemaleOtherPrefer Not to Respond

Race African-American/BlackAsian-AmericanHispanicNative AmericanCaucasianOther

Race, if Other

Education High SchoolCollegePost CollegeTechnicalOther

Education, if Other

Resume and Skills
Your resume should include your contact information, education and skills and two professional references. Please upload your resume.

Please choose the top five skills you possess in which you believe will be assets in your role as a board or committee member:
Finance/AccountingFundraisingGeneral BusinessHuman ResourcesLegalMarketingProgram DevelopmentPublic RelationsStrategic PlanningTechnologyOther


Community Involvement
Tell us about your community involvement and why you are invested in the community.

Which of the following community issues are important to you. Choose your top five: Adult educationChildren/youthCommunity improvementCrimeDomestic violenceEarly childhood educationFinancial literacyHealth/disabilitiesHousing/homelessnessHungerJob training/employmentImmigrationMental healthSenior servicesSubstance abuse/addiction treatmentVeterans

What are some positive initiatives you see occurring in Stark County which you would like to become more involved with over time?

Help us understand why you want to be involved in Project Blueprint by sharing with us your leadership experiences and aspirations.

How do you see Project Blueprint training assisting you in Board and/or committee settings?

Applicant Commitment
Upon acceptance to United Way’s Project Blueprint, I am expected to respect and honor the opinions and beliefs of others. I am aware that this program utilizes diversity to support nonprofit board inclusion. I am expected to remain professional and mindful of the overall goal and objectives of the program. I am also aware that the program will not tolerate any behaviors such as overt alienation of participants/individuals because of their beliefs, inappropriate forms of communication, and a display of strong emotions, that would interfere with the integrity, mission and objectives of the program. If such behaviors do occur, United Way staff will take corrective action.

I understand the time commitment and the program goals of United Way’s Project Blueprint. If selected, I plan to attend each session during its entirety. I am aware that coming and going throughout the session is not permitted. Should I leave a session for a meeting for longer than 10 minutes or arrive 10 minutes late for a session, I understand that it will be considered an absence. Because the calendar is set well in advance and I have advanced notice, I understand that only an emergency should warrant leaving or arriving late and I must check in with the program director prior to leaving or arriving late.

All applicants are encouraged to seek employer sponsorship, either in part or in full. A limited number of partial scholarships are available based on need. Scholarship requests are considered independently from the applications.

I understand that if I miss more than 1 session or fail to actively participate, I will not graduate and my participation fee will not be refunded.

I further agree that the information presented herein is accurate and complete to the best of my ability and that no omissions or false statements have been made to justify my participation in the program.