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An unmatched, critical service

211 is a vital service used by many people every year. Individuals contact 211 to access free and confidential counseling on food, health care and other resources.

211 is free, accessible 24/7/365, completely confidential.

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Our Impact

Thousands of people in Stark and Carroll Counties use 211 every year. In 2020, 20,962 people were helped through calls, texts or online searches.

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211 refers individuals and families to local community social service agencies who specialize in the needs for the following services, such as: rent, food, utilities, taxes, transportation, low cost medical, prescriptions, financial tips, predatory lending, job search and skills, senior programming and more.

Connecting People

Thousands of people in Stark and Carroll Counties use 211 every year. In 2020, almost 21,000 people were helped. Live, highly trained professionals at the 211 Help Center review options for clients, develop a plan with them and act as advocates when community members are faced with barriers.

Since 1972, 211 has counseled more than 500,000 households in our community and there is no other network in Stark or Carroll County that has a similar pulse on community needs.


Clothing & household items

Cover your basic needs. We’ll help you find services that provide access to food, clothing, diapers and other basic household items.

Community & Volunteering

Looking for community opportunities? Call today to learn more about: meal delivery, mentoring, parental support volunteering and more; where to donate food, furniture, clothing, and more; locating local government resources like libraries, city office recreation centers, animal services like adoption, rescue, shelter and more.


Maintain your health and well-being. We’ll direct you to COVID-19 resources, affordable health care services like clinics, screenings and helplines, plus provide information on private and public health insurance options, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Healthy Babies

Learn more about what services are available for help keeping your baby healthy: parental assistance, baby supplies, pregnancy, medical care and more.

Job & Public Benefits

Discover resources to assist with finding, obtaining and maintaining employment, as well as services related to household income such as government benefits, welfare programs, money management, and other general financial aid.

Legal & Tax Issues

Find assistance with taxes and legal services such as family law, ID/legal documents, diversion/parole/probation, courts, jails/prisons, and discrimination & rights.

Mental Health

Find support to help maintain mental and emotional wellness through helplines, assessments, inpatient/outpatient treatment, counseling and support groups.

Seasonal Services

Call to learn more about where to go for help with school supplies, holiday meals, day camps, summer food assistance and more.

Substance Abuse

Find addiction recovery services for you or your loved ones. We’ll direct you to education/prevention programs, treatment centers, support groups and other resources for alcoholism, opioid addiction and other substance abuse issues.


Discover resources for bus and medical transport, senior ride programs, disability-related adaptations, and financial help for vehicle repairs and other expenses.

Top three requested resources

Food Assistance and Meals
Utility Assistance

To see our full impact in the community, download our reports.

Get Involved

Looking to volunteer or make a donation? We can point you in the right direction. Contact 211 for more information. We’ll help you determine the organization, accepted goods and services, along with a list of available opportunities.