Project Blueprint: Ivan Rosa

Ivan Rosa is the Vice President of Recovery services for CommQuest Services Inc. in Canton, Ohio.

Prior to that, Mr. Rosa was the Treatment Services Director for The Hispanic Urban Minority Alcohol and Drug Abuse Outreach Program (HUMADAOP) for thirteen years. He managed day-to-day operations of the Miguel Prieto Treatment Centers Casa ALMA/Casa Maria, the only residential and drug treatment in Cleveland aimed at meeting the specific needs of the Latinos of all cultural backgrounds. Mr. Rosa also supervised and was the project manager for Project Hope, a Youth Offender Re-entry Program (Y.O.R.P.) a SAMSHA federal grant for five years.

Mr. Rosa is a graduate of The University of Akron with a Masters in Social Work (MSW).

He has also worked with youth who have chemical dependency challenges in both Ashtabula and Youngstown.

Mr. Rosa has more than thirty-five years experience in the fields of social work and chemical dependency.

He has presented at national and state conferences, educating the public about working with Latinos in treatment, youth offenders, and social service settings.

He is married to his wife of 26 years and has two sons.