Isabel Lombardi – Inspired Youth 2020 Award Winner

 “Isabel has been a part of several service projects for the needy, including making blankets, creating snack bags and collecting donated toys. She also does service projects through St. Michael School and her Girl Scout troop,” says her nominator Bob Humphries, President Vista Psychological & Counseling Centre Associate Professor of Psychology at Walsh University. “Isabel’s latest project, Totes of Kindness, not only touches those families who received totes, but also impacted every person who helped, donated, or heard of this project. It made people think, if an 11-year-old girl can do that, what can I do to help. Creating that spark can lead to a wildfire of community impact. This girl amazes me; I hope to one day be more like her.”

A little girl came up to the vice principal of Allen Elementary and said she really liked brushing her teeth. The Vice Principal said, “Oh, that is great. Don’t you brush every day?” The girl said, “No. We only have one tooth­brush in our house, and it is for mommy and daddy to use.” When Isabel heard this story, she knew she had to help.

Isabel Lombardi is the daughter of Mike and Melissa Lombardi and a busy 5th grader at St. Michael School. In 2019, she ran two lemonade stands to raise money for Refuge of Hope, collected canned and boxed goods for a food bank and played music for residents at a local nursing home. In January 2020, she received the title of Synchrony Difference Maker. More recently, she applied for the Junior Leaders Service Grant to help fund her service project, Totes of Kindness – Reaching Our Neigh­bors. She organized more than 200 volunteers to help fill 50 plastic totes full of daily necessities for Allen Ele­mentary School families. The totes held food, toiletries, books, cleaning supplies, and laundry soap. Isabel went on the school announcements to share her project with the student body, helped sort, load, and deliver items, and collaborated with St. Michael School student council and vice principal at Allen Elementary to make sure the project was successful.

“Isabel is a trailblazer of her generation, making a path for others to follow,” says Bob. “Her sincere kindness, positive attitude, fresh ideas, and passion for helping oth­ers has made her a great role model, leading by example. Being able to inspire others to be part of a team and work together for the common good is how an effective leader succeeds. Isabel is proving to be that leader. With her consistent giving to others, kind heart, and sincere spirit she is making a difference every day. Uplifting others, finding the strengths of each person in the group, and leading by example all inspire people to continue the journey of giving back.

Inspired Youth recognizes the extraordinary contributions of young individuals, who volunteer their time and skills to better their community in the areas of health, education and financial stability, and inspire others to join in the efforts, creating the “multiplier effect.” Award winners demonstrate initiative, leadership and creativity in their service to others, serve as a role model for others in their community and inspire others to join them in their effort.