Young Leaders Society

United Way Young Leaders Society (YLS) is a group of passionate young professionals (age 35 and under) who come together to educate, engage and inspire students across Greater Stark County. We harness our time and talents through mentorship, fundraising and volunteerism to activate education initiatives and build a better community.



Donations will be used directly to support YLS activities such as Hoodies for the Holidays and Textbook Scholarship. 

Questions about YLS or membership? Contact Brett Pinson or Madison Evans

If you have already given through a workplace and are interested in joining YLS, please contact Carrie Clemens at or 330-491-9974.

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Our Focus

Education sets the foundation for the future, and it is the area where we believe we can make the greatest impact. As young leaders, our personal and professional success would not have been possible without support from mentors, teachers and advocates who helped us along the way. Now we’re paying it forward for the next generation.

Prepare children to start school ready to learn and thrive


Support young people with high-quality, compassionate mentorship


Help students plan for success in a career or college

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