Three companies will be honored October 10 at the Family-Friendly Workplace Awards Breakfast. Employers Health, Schauer Group and TimkenSteel are leading the way in Stark County for their best practices of implementing policies that make it possible for employees to more easily balance family and work. Thank you for all that you do to make Stark County a better place for all the residents to live and work!


employers health

Employers Health (“EH”) recognizes the importance of balancing work and family responsibilities and has developed a benefits package and a corporate culture that reinforces the importance of such a balance. EH focuses its efforts on three key categories to assist with work-life balance; health, wealth and life.

When competing against much larger companies for talent, new hires consistently cite EH’s benefits program as the differentiator when choosing EH versus a competing employer.

EH has a commitment to building the best culture possible with the available resources at EH. From pregnancy gender reveal parties to wedding and baby showers, EH places great importance on celebrating not just workplace successes but also personal milestones and accomplishments. Whether it’s our First Friday (a team building experience each month) to a community improvement activity (e.g. painting/cleaning at the Massillon YMCA), employees consistently distinguish EH from other work experiences as superior. Moreover, employee referrals of job candidates has dramatically increased over the past two years. EH attributes its culture, built on three pillars (health, wealth and life), as the key success factor in attracting and retaining talent which leads to economic growth in our community.

EH’s family-friendly programs include:

  • Significant paid holiday time, vacation time and paid leave to ensure that employees are able to spend time with family. EH approaches holidays in a progressive manner by observing Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday after; for these holidays, EH closes at 12:00 noon on the day before such holiday to allow its employees to travel and or prepare for such holidays. For the Christmas/New Year’s holidays, EH typically closes its offices on or before December 24 and re-opens its offices on or after January 2, depending on the day in which Christmas Day and New Year’s Day fall.
  • Paid time off (“PTO”) for vacation, sickness, and charitable donations to the United Way. Depending on length of service, employees annually receive 20-30 vacation days, 5 sick days and, if a donation (specified minimum amount) is made to United Way, a United Way day.
  • Working from home two days every calendar month
  • Childbirth and adoption policy. In addition to any accumulated PTO, all female employees are entitled to up six weeks of paid maternity leave. All male employees are entitled to up to three weeks of paid paternity leave. All employees are entitled to up to six weeks of paid time off for adoption of a child. This leave is in addition to any accrued vacation or sick time.

Schauer Group, Inc.

Schauer Group, Inc. is a family owned and operated business in which the third and fourth generation of Schauers are actively working in and leading the business every day.

Their four core values are commitment, integrity, advancement and independence. They foster a high-performance culture and are incredibly proud of the time and resources invested in creating an environment that empowers team members and gives them a sense of satisfaction in what they do.

Schauer Group’s family-friendly programs include:

  • Flextime/flexible working schedule
  • Telecommuting/work from home
  • Part-time career opportunities
  • Paid maternity/paternity leave
  • Employer-sponsored healthcare: for individual, family and/or dependents
  • Education reimbursement: all associates are required to seek advanced designations/degrees of their choosing, at the company’s expense
  • Community involvement: at last count, our associates served on boards/committees of 28 local not-for-profits, and our organization financially supported over 30 local not-for-profits; that is in addition to the two annual workplace campaigns we hold
  • Company celebrations: we host an annual holiday party, summer party and monthly birthday breakfast celebrations; we have also held many other parties, including Trick or Treat for the kids, an Ice Cream Social, Thanksgiving Potluck, Chili Cook-off, Football Frenzy, etc.
  • Birthday PTO: half-day of vacation


TimkenSteel offers competitive benefits focused on total wellbeing (physical, emotional, social and financial), as well as opportunities for community involvement and ways to connect with fellow employees who have shared interests.

Since family-friendly practices were implemented, more employees are engaged. For example, many participate in the Employee Resource Group activities, which tackle content relevant to families such as budgeting, saving for college, life events, retirement, teen suicide, sending kids off to college, and prominent mental and physical health topics. The employee resource groups also have high participation rates in other activities such as networking events, team challenges, wellness classes, health fairs and community volunteer programs.

TimkenSteel family-friendly programs include:

  • Competitive time-off policies: 11 paid holidays plus an additional paid floating holiday; three weeks entry-level vacation up to five weeks depending on tenure; and up to four weeks of paid parental leave following birth or adoption.
  • Employee Resource Groups: Six employee-led groups that provide networking, personal growth and professional development opportunities for employees, including our most recently launched KIDS network for working parents, the Women’s Integration Network, Multicultural Association of Professionals, Young Professionals Network, STEPS Wellness Network and the group Veterans Empowering TimkenSteel.
  • Scholarship Program: College scholarships ranging from $5,000 up to $80,000 to children of employees, helping them attend a better school than what they could attend without the scholarship.
  • Telecommuting and flexible work schedules: Many employees in eligible positions work with their managers and team members to implement flexible work arrangements including 9/80 work schedules, designated work-from-home days, job-sharing arrangements and more. This has allowed those employees to achieve better control over their time.
  • Pre-tax spending accounts with employer contribution: Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) for health care and dependent care costs. This allows employees to set aside pre-tax dollars to be reimbursed for eligible health care or dependent care expenses. Plus, for those enrolled in an eligible Health Savings Account (HSA) medical plan, the company contributes $750 (individual coverage) or $1500 (family coverage) on an annual basis to the employee’s HSA. This allows employees to reduce their out-of-pocket costs for healthcare while better managing their family’s budget.
  • Company-sponsored family events: Several events for employees and families are thrown throughout the year, including a holiday pancake breakfast for the whole family, holiday luncheons that inspire camaraderie and teamwork, numerous community service opportunities throughout the year, a McKinley Museum night, tickets to annual Hall of Fame events, and more.
  • Wellness platform: A comprehensive, interactive and personalized online wellness platform for employees and spouses that helps them make the best choices for their physical, emotional, social and financial wellbeing.
  • Our focus on mental wellbeing: Offer education on and de-stigmatize mental healthcare. This year, there were two all-employee meetings, and training in plants and offices on suicide prevention. They have also partnered with organizations like UW, NAMI and Crisis Intervention to offer special programs on employee, family and teen mental wellbeing.
  • Robust Employee Assistance Plan for employees and family members: All employees and their dependents have access to up to six free counseling visits per calendar year, regardless of participation in our group medical plan. The plan helps with a range of personal concerns, including workplace stress, family issues or marital difficulties. In addition, there is a WorkLife Solutions benefit so employees and their families can receive assistance with referrals on day-to-day needs. Examples include elder care, child care referrals, and convenience services such as help looking for an electrician, pet care provider or travel agent.
  • Extended medical services for kids away from home: Telemedicine and extended in-network coverage to help dependents away from home still have access to quality health care at in-network coverage. This can save the average family with a child in college about $3,000 a year in supplemental coverage.
  • Annual financial incentive for employees/spouses that see their primary care physician regularly: Employees and spouses enrolled in the medical plan can receive a $500 premium waiver (each) per plan year if they complete their annual physical and supply biometric data. For those not enrolled in our medical plan who complete the same activities, other rewards are offered through the wellness platform.
  • Education reimbursement policy: Financial assistance for eligible degreed programs that are aligned with the company's core business objectives.
  • Employee discounts: Variety of discounts on both major and everyday purchases, from new automobiles and car care to electronics and entertainment. Individual employees can save up to several thousand dollars (on purchase of a new car) and enjoyed a less stressful buying process.
  • Complimentary international travel medical program: Helps those traveling internationally for work or pleasure to receive all the necessary immunizations before their trip. They also receive an international travel medical kit plus sound, destination-specific advice on staying safe and healthy while traveling.
  • Telemedicine: Allows employees and their family members to receive quality urgent care for certain illnesses (such as the flu) from a doctor or nurse practitioner via video chat on their smart phone or tablet. .