2021 Alexis De Tocqueville Mentor: Bill Luntz

William “Bill” Luntz grew up in a home where giving was considered more important than receiving. Bill says, “My
father always told me when you derive your livelihood from a community, you have an obligation to give back.”

Bill joined the Luntz Corporation shortly after returning from France after serving in the Army Air Corps. He was VP of Luntz Corporation by the age of 45, and President by age 50.

Always the leader, over the years he lent his vision, leadership, and experience to more than 30 organizations and boards.

One of Bill’s favorite endeavors was Project Wheelbarrow, a program of which he was a founder, and served for many years with his son Greg and daughter, Michelle. Dedicated to mentoring grade school, middle school, and senior high school students who were at risk, Project Wheelbarrow’s goal was to improve their educational experience. By enhancing their work ethic and improving self-esteem the students were successfully prepared for their future.

Bill says, “If I can bring a smile to a child’s face, make a lonely senior feel a little less lonely or help make my community a little better; then I know that I have served a good purpose – perhaps even a divine purpose.”

Bill has four children, seven grandchildren, and 12 great-grandchildren and is being honored by his wife Sharon, who says, “It has been a joy to support him all these years through his many endeavors. Embodying the word, ‘mentor’, he is an inspiration to me, his family,