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Our offices are open during regular business hours, M-F 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Our main office is located at:

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401 Market Avenue North
Suite 300

Canton, Ohio 44702

Directions: Drive south (towards downtown Canton) on Market Avenue, turn right on 4th Street. Travel two blocks on 4th Street (crossing over Court Avenue), turn right onto Cleveland Avenue and then turn right again into the United Way designated parking lot. The United Way building is on the corner of Market Avenue and 4th Street. The double door entrance is located on 4th Street. 

Our 2-1-1 Information and Referral department is located at:

408 Ninth Street SW
Suite 1000
Canton, Ohio
Dial 2-1-1 for 24/7 Information and Referral services.
Not available on all cellular phones, call 330-491-9997.

Please refer to this list of e-mail addresses and phone numbers if you want to contact a staff member at United Way of Greater Stark County. Please feel free to email any questions or concerns that you have. Please include contact information so we may get back with you quickly.



Direct Number



 Maria Heege  413  330-491-9970  President & Chief Executive Officer
 Judith Cross  410  330-491-9960  Executive Administrative Assistant 


 Angela Perisic  402  330-491-9952  Vice President, Resource Development
 Jodi Barnard  430  330-491-9986  Campaign Adminstrative Assistant
 Carrie Clemens  418  330-491-9974  Assistant Director, Resource Development
 Nicole Thompson  421  330-491-9972  Account Manager
 Cassie Ausperk  425  330-491-9962  Account Manager
 Elizabeth Ramsburg  403  330-491-9953  Director, Volunteer & Workplace Engagement


 Nick Mackle  416  330-491-9961  Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer
 Sandy Phillips  419  330-491-9975  Finance Associate
 Gina Myers  405  330-491-9968  Finance Associate
 Deanna Morris  406  330-491-9956  Manager, Processing and Operations


 Connie Allton 301  330-437-3677  Director, 2-1-1 and Public Policy
 Marian Cottrell-Neal 302  330-437-3678  Information & Referral Resource Specialist
 Wendy Fairbairn 307  330-437-3682  Information & Referral Specialist
 Nichole Hunt  308  330-437-3686  Information & Referral Resource Specialist/Information & Referral Specialist
 Nicole Lich 311  330-437-3688  Information & Referral Specialist
 Autumn Wagner 303  330-437-3683  Information & Referral Specialist
 Joni Tarbert 304 330-437-3680  Information & Referral Specialist
 Barb Sarbak 306  330-437-3676  Information & Referral Resource Specialist


 Bill Burgess  404  330-491-9954  Vice President, Marketing & Communications
 Angela Atwood  414  330-491-9957  Marketing Coordinator


 Kimberly Douce  429  330-491-9985  Vice President, Community Impact
 LaFlovia Ginanni  426  330-491-9984  Ways to Work Coordinator
 Denise Carter  499  330-491-9971  Ways to Work Loan Officer
 Chrisann Leaman  435  330-491-9989  VITA Coordinator
 Robin Seemann  427  330-491-9983  Director, Financial Stability Initiatives