Plan a Successful Campaign

The best campaigns educate and inspire your colleagues to give to United Way of Greater Stark County. We have the guidelines, checklists and educational materials you need to build the perfect plan for your workplace.

Initial steps

  • Meet with your United Way of Greater Stark County representative to develop a strategy.

  • Download our campaign checklist to help you develop your own plan and timetable.

  • Get your management team on board. This ebook will help you get started.

  • Set a campaign goal. Here are some tips:

    • Companies that set a goal see higher results in participation rates, average gifts and per capita giving.
    • Consider offering a new incentive. If you’ve been using the same incentive, can you increase the minimum gift to be qualified for the incentive?
    • Offer new opportunities to be engaged in the campaign.

  • Establish an internal committee to help plan.

  • Schedule your United Way of Greater Stark County representative to make a workplace presentation.

During the campaign

  • Launch the campaign with a kickoff rally. Invite a United Way representative to speak or ask an employee to share a personal testimonial. Make it fun with food and beverages.

  • Engage your employees with our downloadable campaign materials.

  • Schedule special events and games for staff. We have tons of activity ideas to get you started!

  • Follow up with employees to keep them engaged.

  • Keep employees updated with the status of the campaign.

Successful Finish

  • Determine your staff’s total giving and communicate with United Way of Greater Stark County staff. Here are some reporting tools.

  • Thank your committee, solicitors and participating employers.

    • Show the impact of their gifts
    • Hold a thank you breakfast or lunch to celebrate
    • Highlight contributors in internal communications
    • Contact your UWGSC representative and have someone come in to say thanks

  • Great job! Start thinking right away about how your next campaign will be even more successful.