This loan program helps secure small-dollar, low-interest vehicle loans to working families, providing support and progress towards financial stability and economic mobility.

"Women United of Greater Stark County is excited to support Cars to Careers through loan underwriting and funding of incentives for program participants that demonstrate on-time loan repayment.  We believe that the program will not only improve the participants’ ability to get to and from work, but also create a lasting impact on their financial well-being by providing education on topics such as budgeting, saving, and credit score improvement."




United Way of Greater Stark County works with CSE Federal Credit Union to help secure small-dollar, low-interest vehicle loans to working families, for vehicles or vehicle repairs:

  • 12 - 60 month loan term
  • Up to $10,000 loan amount

This program offers financial literacy education through coaching and counseling, so clients can gain economic mobility by moving into better paying careers while spending more time with their families. It also provides support for families who may be credit-challenged.

Eligibility/Program Requirements

  • 18+ years of age
  • Working resident of Stark County
  • Carroll County residents must be working, worshiping or attending school in Stark County
  • Employed 6 months
  • Working full-time
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Yearly household income of less than 80% of 2018 Stark County median income
    • Single, earnings up to $38,640
    • Family, earnings up to $79,500
  • Credit-challenged / unable to secure traditional credit


  • Able to repay loan and costs related to car ownership (including full coverage insurance after all essential, basic and savings needs are met)
  • In good standing with CSE Federal Credit Union
  • Bankruptcies must be discharged (with no bad credit established since the discharge)
  • No open felonies
  • No student loans in default/delinquency status
  • No repossessions in the past five years
  • No unpaid judgments and liens
  • Payment of $45 processing fee (for management of the loan)
Submit eligibility form

Application process

Step 1:

  • Complete Eligibility Form (above)
  • Pay $45 processing fee
  • Complete 2 self-paced online workshops
  • Schedule a screening appointment with the Transportation Specialist to submit Application Packet

Step 2:

  • Conduct interview to determine creditworthiness and to finalize application
  • Interview will include: review of application, support developing a budget, review of credit report and assist in drafting personal statement 

Step 3:

  • One application & interview completed, final application will be submitted to Cars to Careers Committee for final decision

Once the application process has been completed and a decision has been made by the Cars to Careers Committee, the Cars to Careers staff will support the decision with purchasing and loan processing steps.


Are you part of an organization where your employees could use Cars to Careers? Download our brochure today and contact us with questions regarding how your organization can participate in the program.

Thank you to our program sponsers

Without you, families would not have the support they need to increase their financial stability and economic mobility.