When we feel empowered in our financial lives, studies show that we experience more joy, peace, satisfaction, and pride. This workshop series aims to usher in a Brighter Day by sharing practical tips and insights to help you transform your financial situation, build a savings, and truly live the life you want!

Your brighter day starts now!


Financial Empowerment Curriculum:

Understanding Financial Abuse

Financial Fundamentals

Tackling Money Owed - Mastering Credit

Brighter Today

Brighter Future

Contracts & Asset Building


Not having a personal savings is a major pitfall, which is why, in addition to the tools offered throughout the series, we also offer you seed money to start saving. That’s right — you’ll you receive a deposit directly into your savings account for each workshop session you attend.

Here’s how the sessions work:

  • 1st - $50 deposited into savings your account (If you do not have one—don’t worry—we’ll help you open one!)
  • 2nd - $40 deposited into your savings account
  • 3rd - $40 deposited into your savings account
  • 4th - $40 deposited into your savings account
  • 5th - $40 deposited into your savings account
  • 6th - $40 deposited into your savings account

Plus, when you successfully attend all workshops, you’ll have the opportunity to receive matched funds of up $250 — which means, if you save the full $250 we will deposit another $250 into your savings account, leaving you with $500 in savings!

Participants must attend at minimum three (3) sessions to be offered a match incentive.



This 6 session virtual workshop series is held three times a year:

  • February 21st- March 31st, 2022
  • June 6th- July 21st, 2022 (break for the week of July 4th)
  • October 3rd - November 10th, 2022

Virtual Workshops are held weekly: Tuesday’s from 12P-1P and Thursday’s from 5P-6P

*You can only attend one session per week!

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