Our Community Partner Network

When you donate to United Way of Greater Stark County, you’re helping to fund organizations and programs in our community that create lasting change. Through our community partner network, we go beyond short-term charity to fund local agencies that align with our Bold Goals for improving health, advancing education and growing financial stability in our region.

As stewards of the community’s trust and contributions, we hold our partners accountable to show measurable impact. To qualify for funding, these organizations must prove they meet our established quality standards and comply with our reporting requirements.

Interested in joining our community partner network? Review our strategic guidelines for healtheducation and financial stability to see if you qualify.


Our Fund Distribution Process

At United Way of Greater Stark County, our goal is to ensure that every dollar donated is invested wisely. We rely on a citizen review process to help us determine which local agencies receive funding.

Our United Way Impact Councils consist of more than 50 community leaders who offer diverse backgrounds, experience and expertise. These volunteers evaluate data about our region, identify the pressing needs in our community and offer recommendations on the best way to allocate funding.

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