Day of Caring Project Submission

Thank you for your interest in participating in United Way of Greater Stark County's Day of Caring! If your agency, school or nonprofit organization, is interested in hosting volunteers, please complete the project submission form below. Contact us with any additional questions at 330-491-0445.

Program Submission Guidelines

  • All projects are welcome – indoor and outdoor. We accept a variety of work, whether it’s painting, landscaping, working with senior citizens or reading to children.
  • There is no limit to the number of projects submitted. Projects are subject to final approval by United Way of Greater Stark County.
  • Projects will be posted on United Way's Volunteer Resource Center, so workplaces can choose their own. Be sure to write a fun, enticing project description, so volunteers will get excited about helping!
  • Your organization will need to determine the number of volunteers and the estimated work hours required for your project.
  • United Way of Greater Stark County will not provide lunches. If your volunteers are working through lunchtime, please plan to provide lunch.
  • Your organization is required to provide any equipment, supplies and materials needed for your project(s).
  • There is no pre-event rally, so volunteers will report directly to their project sites.

Project Submission Form

Our nonprofit/agency will provide water, sunscreen and mosquito repellent, if needed.

If volunteers are working through lunchtime, will you be providing lunch and beverages for the volunteers?

All materials needed for this project will be provided by your organization.