For many high school seniors, preparing for college can be an exciting, yet stressful time. That’s why our Young Leaders Society is launching the Pen Pal Project.

This program is an opportunity for high school seniors to connect with young professionals in our community. At a time when we can all use more “pals,” this program will provide a way for young leaders to communicate with students planning to pursue a college education, where they can ask questions, share ideas and build a strong foundation of peer mentorship.

The deadline for students and young leaders to register for the program is December 15, 2020. Students should except to receive their first letter in the mail by January 22, 2021. From there, we encourage the students and young leaders to exchange as many letters or emails as they would like.


By joining the YLS Pen Pal Project, you will be matched with a young leader in our community who is a college graduate.

Ask them any questions you have regarding college and career planning. They’ll share tips on navigating campus life, excelling in classes and getting involved with extra-curriculars.

The process is simple, complete the form below so that we can best match you with a young leader. You’ll receive your first letter in January. We can’t wait to hear from you!



The YLS Pen Pal Project is an opportunity for you to share your college and career advice with students in a simple and accessible way.

This program is designed to connect prospective college students with young professionals based on their college of choice, career or general interests. It’s intended to provide an additional touch point of encouragement and inspiration for their college career.

As a pen pal, you’ll communicate with a student ahead of their first fall semester at college via mail or email. Let’s show the next generation of college students that we have a community rooting for them and their success in school!