Who are United Way's Community Partners?

To qualify for membership in United Way of Greater Stark County's Community Partner network, local health and human service providers must prove they meet United Way established quality standards.

United Way's Community Partners consist of two designations. Funded Partners are those agencies that are currently receiving funding through United Way’s allocation process. Affiliate Partners are not currently receiving funding through the allocations process, but they meet all United Way quality standards for membership, have received funding in the past and are eligible to apply for funding at the beginning of the next two-year funding cycle. Funded Partner programs must meet additional requirements including reporting outcomes in compliance with United Way Strategy Guidance Documents.

As stewards of the community’s trust and contributions, and with quality standards as the basis for membership and funding decisions, United Way's volunteer Impact Councils ensure donor contributions are well-spent. United Way believes a nonprofit agency will increase its ability to positively impact the lives of its clients when it is well-structured. An organizationally sound agency has a board of active and diverse leaders who set a strategic direction and provide oversight; has programming that is well-designed, well-implemented and includes a quality improvement process; is financially stable, accountable and maximizes resources; and has sufficient infrastructure and service capacity.

Responding to changing needs in our community, United Way's volunteer Impact Councils extend invitations to non-profit service providers to fill identified gaps in community service and care. This approach keeps the emphasis on stretching the most from each dollar donated and keeps the allocation process responsive to changing needs and resources here in our community.

United Way's Citizen Review Process

Nearly 100 community volunteers comprise the Impact Councils of United Way of Greater Stark County. Their diverse backgrounds as human care and agency experts, community leaders and dedicated volunteers ensure the citizen review process operates to its potential. The Impact Councils examine data and facts about greater Stark County,and from that data, allocate funds to programs and services that work to solve our community's problems at the root cause. Click here » to see how the Impact Councils make funding decisions.

Three Building Blocks of Funding

Impact Councils provide Community Partners with the following Strategy Guidance documents to guide grant applicants in the areas of:

EDUCATION – Helping children and youth achieve their potential

INCOME – Helping families become safe and financially stable

HEALTH – Working to ensure basic health care and disaster needs are met

CLICK HERE » for Community Partners' Supplemental Fundraising Policy

CLICK HERE >> for current Community Partner's and Programs

Community Partners allow Stark County residents to receive much-needed help through the programs they provide. See how United Way funding helps promote a healthy and active lifestyle through supporting classes like Exercise for the Physically Challenged.