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BE the ONE

"I am honored to lead the 2015 Annual Campaign. United Way of Greater Stark County is committed to a healthy community where kids are successful from kindergarten through graduation to a career, and families have the tools, skills and support they need to become financially independent. With your support, United Way will continue to change lives everyday, right here at home, in three key areas - EDUCATION, INCOME and HEALTH.
Success is the work of many, but it starts with one. One person can make a difference. Thank you for commitment to BE the ONE. Please give generously to the United Way annual campaign. 

William C. Shivers
2015 United Way 

Annual Campaign Chair


United Way helps people. Not only for one cause. More than just any single issue. Your one donation, united with those of others, will help a lot of people in so many ways! And it’s only possible because of thousands of people like you.

Since 1922, United Way has been helping people in greater Stark County. People from all walks of life and always help for people who need hope. United Way is dedicated to making progress in furthering Education, Income and Health. These are the building blocks for a good life–a quality education that leads to a stable job, enough income to support a family through retirement, a safe place to live and good health.

Thanks for wanting to help. Each donation makes a difference in the lives of people here in Stark County–our neighbors, families and friends.


United Way makes it easy to help

Created as a way to better serve our corporate partners and individual donors, United Way of Greater Stark County has designed a comprehensive electronic pledge service, which offers even more efficiency, convenience and security than ever before.

With the growing interest in online campaign pledging, more companies are taking advantage of United Way's e-Pledge service. Online pledging reduces paperwork, helps decrease errors in gift calculations and saves time and money on administrative services. It also offers a rewarding pledge experience for employees. e-Pledge is fast, easy and secure.

If you wish to make a gift by phone please call 330-491-0445.

If you wish to mail a donation, please complete this downloadable pledge form ». Checks can be made payable to United Way of Greater Stark County. We will mail you confirmation of receipt.