For the cost of everyday items and activities, you can provide health and human services for those in need in Greater Stark County. Gifts of all sizes can make a significant impact on the well being of another.

$26 GIFT ($1/PAY) =

A magazine subscription OR
Glucometer and one month supply of test strips for 2 OR
One hour of counseling for a sexual abuse victim OR
One dental visit including cleaning and check up OR
7 pounds of food

$52 GIFT ($2/PAY) =

A night at the movie theater for a family of four OR
Swim lessons for five children from low income families OR
A complete outfit and supplies for the school year for a child in need OR
Glucometers and a month’s supply of test strips for four people OR
A local, Stark County resident to attend a 2 hour money management class

$67 GIFT ($2.58/PAY) =

A local, Stark County resident's federal & state tax return

$110 GIFT ($4.23/PAY) =

Budget coaching for a local, Stark County resident OR
Milk and juice for a month for children residing in the shelter OR
69 bus passes for individuals to get to needed appointments OR
4 birthday celebrations for children

$120 GIFT ($4.62/PAY) =

A large coffee every Friday for a year OR
3 hours of group treatment for a preschooler with severe developmental, behavioral and emotional problems OR
4 hours of counseling for a victim of sexual abuse OR
A complete eye examination and a pair of eyeglasses for four people

$250 GIFT ($9.62/PAY) =

Dinner and tickets for two to a Broadway musical OR
2 counseling sessions for abuse victims with a licensed professional OR
10 gas cards for individuals to get to needed appoints OR
3 hours of transitional housing coordination for longer-term victim support
10 youth can participate in a youth sports program OR
3 weeks of day camp for an at-risk youth OR
One week of shelter for a battered woman and her children OR
10 dental visits which would include five fillings, two extractions, two check-ups with x-rays and one cleaning

$300 GIFT ($11.54/PAY) =

Book bag, supplies, vision & hearing screenings, hair cut & a shoe voucher in the Back to School Program

$500 GIFT ($19.25/PAY) =

Game system with a popular video game OR
One week in a DV shelter for one victim of abuse OR
Dating Violence Prevention education to 3 high school health classes for 90 students OR
10 weeks of before and after school care for a child OR
School supplies for 25 children from challenged families OR
7 days of lunches for 40 children OR
One bag of groceries each for 12 homeless individuals

$1000 GIFT ($38.46/PAY) =

A flat screen HDTV OR
Ten weeks of day care including healthy breakfasts, lunches and afternoon snacks for a toddler from a low income family OR
Two sets of quality dentures for those who cannot afford them

$1200 GIFT ($46.16/PAY) =

2 weeks of Intensive Outpatient therapy for a substance abuse client (12 hours/week) OR
Art therapy supllies for a year for children's therapy OR
3 months of food at a shelter