Volunteer Testimonials




Volunteer Recognition Testimonial: Dr. Arnold Rosenblatt
Organization: Western Stark Free Clinic

“The Clinic desperately needs volunteers. We need more help. It’s sad seeing people in physical and emotional bad shape, with nowhere else to turn except the clinic. It’s tough not being able to take care of people the way I’m used to and it’s hard getting patients to see specialists, but it is also a good feeling knowing that we’re helping people who otherwise wouldn’t get their basic health needs met.”  -Dr. Rosenblatt

Western Stark Free Clinic is a United Way funded partner, making free medical services available to low-income individuals and families. Dr. Rosenblatt is retired and has been volunteering for at the clinic for two years. He began volunteering after working for forty-one years at Mansard Medical Services. United Way is proud of people like Dr. Rosenblatt who think WE BEFORE ME and generously use their skills to help our community.




Impact Council Member Testimonial: Joseph French
Family and Financial Stability Council

"As an Impact Council member, my job is to verify the approaches agencies take to solve their issues. I feel that United Way tries to find the root causes in our community’s issues and work to solve them to make a beneficial difference. We look at all aspects of situations and ask ourselves ‘what are the best decisions we can make as a council to better the community?’. There is a difference between what is on paper and what action actually takes place, so going on agency reviews puts the program into ‘full swing’ and allows us to see what impact is being made. United Way makes sure that everyone in our community can be taken care of, and I feel that everyone should consider what they can do for our community and get involved with United Way.”   -Joe French

United Way is thankful for people like Joe French, who has been involved in various councils and boards for 11 years. Joe is an Executive Director for Early Childhood Education in Alliance. Joe appreciates that United Way focuses on a “neighbor helping neighbor” approach to help out the community. He feels that the Impact Council combines well-informed, well-educated people from the area with experts to discuss what can be done to improve the community the most. He encourages people to join the Impact Council because he thinks that by more people being involved with United Way, the effects will “make a bigger splash” in the community.




Campaign Coordinator Testimonial: Sandy Upperman
Company: Huntington National Bank

“We have had repeated success at Huntington with our United Way campaigns. I work to encourage my colleagues in Stark County to become active with United Way whether it is through donating or volunteerism to reach our strived 100% participation goal. We always kick off our campaign with a breakfast, where a United Way funded agency visits to demonstrate what kind of issues United Way helps to resolve, which is very motivational."

"Fan Fridays, a three month event, gives the opportunity for employees to wear jeans to work, which is the biggest fundraiser we do. We also hold a bake sale and an online auction that generate a lot of donations. These events are all things employees look forward to and enjoy. United Way has been a pillar in our community for many years, so we are confident and supportive of the positive outcomes that result in the organization’s work.”   – Sandy Upperman

United Way is fortunate to have people like Sandy Upperman as a Campaign Coordinator. In conjunction with her job as Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations of Greater Akron/Canton Region at Huntington, Sandy runs their United Way campaign with the help of seven committee members. Huntington participates in Day of Caring, ran an Early Bird campaign this year, and puts a strong emphasis on participation and volunteering. Sandy believes that United Way is a great organization to work with because of the reviews on all of the various programs, which ensures that the dollars are well-spent.

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