Impact Councils

Over 50 community volunteers comprise the Impact Councils of United Way of Greater Stark County. Their diverse backgrounds as human care and agency experts, community leaders and dedicated volunteers ensure the citizen review process operates to its potential. The Impact Councils examine data and facts about Greater Stark County,and from that data, allocate funds to programs and services that work to solve our community's problems at the root cause.

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There are three Councils, each addressing the BOLD GOALS of United Way of Greater Stark County and the community. Within those groups there are several measurable outcome areas.

HEALTH – Working to ensure basic health care and disaster needs are met

United Way of Greater Stark County provides a safety net of community services that supports programs that provide families and individuals with food, shelter and clothing during crisis situations. Individuals with disabilities and seniors maximize their ability to live in safe environments with independence and dignity. And, Stark County residents have access to ongoing primary medical, dental, vision and mental health care.

The Health Impact Council oversees program funding in three areas:

  • Increasing the number of Stark County residents who report they are healthy

  • Reducing infant mortality to meet or exceed the Healthy People 2020 Objective

  • Reducing opiate substance abuse

EDUCATION – Helping children and youth achieve their potential

Through United Way of Greater Stark County’s work, children and youth will be given the best possible start to develop to their fullest potential. Children will be better prepared and ready to learn when entering school. Youth will be provided with the necessary academic, job and social skills necessary to succeed as adults. United Way of Greater Stark County's programs help keep teens and youth on the right track and help teach the skills needed to avoid risky behavior.

The Education Impact Council oversees program funding in two areas:

  • Making sustainable progress toward 100 percent of eligible students being kindergarten ready

  • Making sustainable progress toward a 100 percent high school graduation rate

FINANCIAL STABILITY – Helping families become safe and financially stable

Self-sufficiency is vital to a successful family life, and United Way programs work to remove barriers and build skills necessary to attain and maintain employment. Family stability is dependent on keeping kids and families safe and strong. United Way will work to reduce the number of families and individuals that experience violence, abuse and neglect, and who abuse drugs and alcohol. United Way also works to develop family financial stability through building economic independence skills such as financial literacy, employment training and more.

The Financial Stability Impact Council oversees program funding:

  • Ensuring that 70 percent of Stark County residents will spend no more than 30 percent of their income on housing