Plan a Rally

Rallies are an excellent way to get your employees together to rally around a common goal – helping the community. Your employees will walk away with a greater understanding of our county and United Way of Greater Stark County’s impact.

Anatomy of a rally:
  • Speakers: Include a company representative, an agency speaker, a United Way representative, or an employee willing to share a personal testimonial about United Way.
  • United Way of Greater Stark County video: The video is a powerful way to educate and inspire your employees. HERE
  • Pledge cards: Depending on the size of your rally, it may be a great time to pass out personalized pledge cards to your employees. If the size of your rally is too large for this, remind and encourage everyone to fill out their pledge cards by specific date and time.
  • Prizes and incentives: Immediate and tangible incentives are a great way to add excitement and collect pledge cards at the rally. Simply have everyone turn in their filled out pledge
    card for a chance to win.
  • Food and decorations can spice things up

Sample Rally Schedule
  • Set up food and drinks for employees as they arrive. Have personalized pledge cards in alphabetical order and ready for distribution.
  • Welcome (5 minutes) – Company CEO
      o Thank you
      o Announce company goal
      o Why we support United Way of Greater Stark County
      o Introduce speaker
  • United Way of Greater Stark County representative (5 minutes)
  • Closing and ask (3 - 5 minutes) – Company CEO or United Way of Great Stark County Representative