Plan a Campaign

Employee Campaign Coordinators encourage coworkers to create a stronger, healthier community by planning, coordinating and implementing an effective United Way of Great Stark County workplace campaign. Here are some guidelines to help you along the way:

What should I do prior to our campaign?
  • Meet with your United Way of Great Stark County representative to develop a campaign strategy
  • Download our campaign checklist to help with your planning and establish a campaign plan and timetable  |  CAMPAIGN CHECKLIST
  • Consider incorporating a Leadership Giving campaign to increase success. This ebook can help you get started. | EBOOK
  • Meet with your upper management and confirm commitment
  • Establish a campaign goal  |  HOW TO SET A GOAL
  • Establish a committee, if needed
  • Schedule a workplace presentation with your United Way of Great Stark County representative

What takes place during the campaign?
  • Launch your campaign with a kickoff rally  |  HOW TO PLAN A RALLY
  • Present campaign materials at employee meetings
  • Schedules special events and games for staff
  •  Follow up with employees unable to attend
  • Update employees with campaign information

Our campaign is over, now what?
  • Tabulate results and submit to United Way of Great Stark County staff  |  REPORTING TOOLS
  • Thank your committee, solicitors and employees who participated  |  HOW TO SAY THANK YOU
  • Pat yourself on the back for a JOB WELL DONE.