WLC 10th Anniversary Event

Nearly 1,300 community members attended United Way mentoring events, Nov. 13-14

On Nov. 13-14, more than 1,300 community members and students attended one of two special events featuring ESPN stars, Lisa Fenn, Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton. United Way of Greater Stark County's Women's Leadership Council (WLC) presented the events to open a local conversation about mentoring and to celebrate its 10-year anniversary.

"One Caring Person Can Change a Life" was held Thursday evening, Nov. 13 at Timken High School Auditorium. After Fenn, Crockett and Sutton presented their 2013 ESPN video, "Carry On: Why I Stayed," » they gave an up-close-and-personal account of the experiences that brought the three together, building relationships of trust, love and success.
Sutton became the first college graduate in his family, while Crockett is a 2012 Paralympic medalist who is training for the 2016 games.
Laurie Moline, WLC Chairman, then discussed mentoring opportunities in Stark County, including Get Connected, an initiative giving students the chance to sit one-on-one with professionals to practice networking and 
begin learning how to share their story.
Ending the night, The Repository reporter Charita Goshay led a panel discussion of local teens and business professionals to further explore the benefits of mentoring.
"There are many people in our community doing what is in their hearts with little fanfare or recognition - teachers, coaches, parents, neighbors, co-workers, who subtly identify a need and quietly do what they can to help," Moline said.  "What we are seeing is there are people and businesses who want to do more, and there are youth who can benefit from their involvement."
On Friday morning, students from Timken, McKinley, GlenOak, Perry, R.G. Drage, Alliance and Cleveland attended the second event, "Let Your Story Be Told." Fenn, Crockett and Sutton presented their video and again talked about their relationship. The Timken High School Auditorium was silent as they discussed the circumstances that helped Crockett and Sutton overcome adversity and break the cycle of poverty.
Moline encouraged students to seek mentorship and share their stories, like Crockett and Sutton. Following the presentation, students from Canton City and Perry Schools shared their experiences about mentoring and participating in the Get Connected program and encouraged students to take advantage of opportunities.
"We were overwhelmed with the turnout for both events," Maria Heege, CEO & President, United Way of Greater Stark County said. "It's exciting that so many people want to unite to help others and create opportunities to facilitate change and create hope."
Both events were sponsored by Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce, Junior Achievement of East Central Ohio, Malone University, Aultman Health Foundation, Aultman College, Canton City Schools and the McKinley Grand Hotel.
To learn how to engage you or your business with Get Connected, contact Angela Perisic, Vice President, Resource Development, United Way of Greater Stark County, at 330-491-9952 or email ».


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