United Way of Greater Stark County is a catalyst for proactive and lasting change at the root causes of challenges facing greater Stark County. As a convener, partner, advocate and issue educator partnering with government, education institutions, foundations, key funders and community leaders on countywide agendas, UWGSC works to address the urgent needs facing our community.


CARE Team 

A CARE Team is compromised of teachers, administrators and staff from multiple community agencies including law enforcement, mental health and other social service agencies. This team works together in a school-based environment to address obstacles facing the at-risk student population and their families. School performance is affected by many issues, among them: physical health, substance abuse, physical abuse, housing, nutrition, and poverty. The best way to affect change is through on-site collaboration between human service organizations that address these issues. The program is school/community-focused, holistic, year-round, and consequence-based. The program provides prevention, intervention and asset building tailored to the needs of the individual.

CARE Team’s goal is to address the quality of life of children in Stark County, Ohio, by addressing the tough issues of physical health and well-being, substance abuse, physical abuse and poverty. The program’s main goal is to help at-risk children stay in school and become self-sufficient and productive in the work force. The main goal of the program is to assist students and their families overcome obstacles that could prevent the students from obtaining an education. The team identifies the gaps in the student’s basic needs development and addresses those needs areas so that the child will be able to achieve the higher levels of the needs pyramid. The team also identifies strengths and assets that will promote growth and improvement. The program provides students and families with prevention, intervention, and asset building support tailored to the needs of each individual child. These services, offered within the school setting, are easily accessible for the families and are part of the student’s daily routine.

  • ALLIANCE CITY SCHOOLS: Alliance Middle School
  • CANTON CITY SCHOOLS: All schools in the Canton City District
  • CANTON LOCAL SCHOOLS: Faircrest Middle School, Canton South High School
  • FAIRLESS LOCAL SCHOOLS: Fairless Middle School, Fairless High School
  • LOUISVILLE CITY SCHOOLS: Louisville Middle School
  • MARLINGTON LOCAL SCHOOLS: Lexington Elementary School, Marlboro Elementary School, Marlington Middle School
  • MASSILLON CITY SCHOOLS: Franklin Elementary School, Massillon Middle School
  • OSNABURG LOCAL: East Canton Elementary, East Canton Middle School, East Canton High School
  • PERRY LOCAL SCHOOLS: Genoa Elementary
  • PLAIN LOCAL SCHOOLS: Avondale Elementary, Barr Elementary, Frazer Elementary, Taft Elementary, Warstler Elementary, Glenwood Middle School
  • SANDY VALLEY LOCAL: Sandy Valley Elementary, Sandy Valley Middle School

Care Team is a collaboration between United Way, Stark County Family Court, Stark County Education Service Center, Mental Health and Recovery Services Board, Stark County Job and Family Services, Stark County Family Counsel funded in part by Aultman Health Foundation and Key Bank.

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Stark County Teen Court 

Teen Court is an alternative to traditional juvenile court proceedings for first-time nonviolent offenders. This program is based on the premise that young people respond positively to the influences of their peers.

Teen Court is funded through a grant from the United Way of Greater Stark County.

Teen Court offers juveniles the option of participating in a diversion program that uses peer pressure and early intervention as its main tools in preventing recidivism. As an alternative to adult-to-youth programs, youth-to youth systems have been successfully utilized across the country to hold youth accountable and educate them on the impact their actions have on others and themselves. Whether participating as the prosecutor, defense attorney, bailiff or jury member, Teen Court offers students the opportunity to positively impact their peers. Addressing juvenile crime gives court members a “sense of stake” in the community and empowers them to make their communities safer and to hold offenders accountable.

Juveniles are referred to Teen Court by the Court’s Intake Department upon a complaint of delinquency or unruly behavior. The defendant must be under the age of 18; have the parents/ guardians consent; and admit involvement with the charge.Once a youth is referred, the Teen Court Coordinator contacts the defendant and the parents to explain the program. They must voluntarily agree to participate in the program.
Each defendant appears in court with his/her parents and admits involvement with the charge. The Bailiff introduces the defendant to the jurors and informs the jury of the charge. After the prosecutor and the defense attorney each present their cases, the juvenile and parents are given an opportunity to speak. The jury then deliberates and recommends a sentence. The sentence is read and the juvenile and parents are given a copy of the recommendations. The juvenile then has a specific time frame within which to complete the sentence. Failure to complete the sentence results in the case being set before a Judge or Magistrate

The Teen Court program has been in operation since 1996. Over 2,500 cases of juveniles charged with delinquency and or unruly offenses have been decided through this program. In addition, over 2,000 high school students have volunteered for this effective diversion program. The recidivism rate for those completing this program remains low. The parents of the juveniles charged are asked to rate their level of satisfaction with the program. In almost every case, parents said the program had a positive impact on their child and they would recommend this program to other families coming before the Juvenile Court.

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