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Client Testimonial: Anderson Brewster
Funded Partner:
Prescription Assistance Network of Stark County

Anderson Brewster has lived with type 2 diabetes for over twenty years. A single father of three, Andi lost his job and needed help getting his medication. Andi shares:

“When I lost my job I went to…get food assistance and medical assistance. One of the ladies there she called me to the side and [mentioned United Way and Prescription Assistance Network]. I came in here and spoke with Christine the same day. She told me what to bring back. I brought back everything the following day. Everything started to roll from then. It was awesome the way everything fell into place at that time.”

“I would like others out there to know: whatever you can do to assist us, it is greatly appreciated. We might not know you...but as long as you are donating; your donations are greatly appreciated from the bottom of our hearts. We, the community, really appreciate what you are doing... Because of your donations, we live not only another day, we live to help others, our community, and give us our lives back where we can do something with it.”

United Way funds Prescription Assistance Network of Stark County [PAN] to purchase medications and distribute them to residents of Stark County at minimal cost or free of charge. PAN has served thousands of residents through their mission to address the medication needs of vulnerable populations in Stark County through advocacy, education and coordination of services.


"To get on that plane, I didn’t even have my ID established. I had a little birth certificate from Alliance City Hospital with my feet on it. I didn’t even have a certified birth certificate. And the Lord above put me on that plane and brought me to this little community and I cannot thank this community, the United Way, Quest, Stark County Community Action Agency, Job and Family Services for pointing me in the right direction, Stark Metropolitan Housing for helping me have a home to raise my daughter…Thank you.”  – Jackie Hull


Client Testimonial: Jackie Hull
Funded Partners: United Way’s 2-1-1, Quest Recovery Services (Funded Program: Deliverance House), YWCA of Canton (Funded Program: Emergency Homeless Shelter)

“I’d like to start with I came to Ohio from Chicago. I was having a little bit, um, of a difficult time; went through a really ugly divorce and I have family in Ohio. My dad had said, ‘Are you ready to recover?’ and I said, ‘Absolutely.’ So coming out to Ohio, I was able to go through the Quest Recovery and upon graduation of Quest Recovery is when I came into contact with United Way. Through 2-1-1, I really didn’t have a place to go and a place to live, so it was like a homeless hot line that you guys helped me with and I became established with the women’s YWCA right in downtown Canton. Now I had stayed there for a few months, but through the United Way, I was able to find housing through Stark Metro. Before I was able to find a job, also through 2-1-1, I needed a little bit of help paying my bills…You guys were able to help me find help with my electric bill, help me find help with my housing and it’s just a been a great journey ever since.”

United Way’s 2-1-1 also referred Jackie to Stark County Community Action Agency to get further schooling which enabled her to get her current job. Today, she is employed fulltime and taking care of her daughter. To United Way donors, Jackie would say: “Recovery is possible. I am here today to say thank you to everybody who has donated because without those dollars, I wouldn’t have been able to have my housing and I wouldn’t have been able to pay my electric bill. Please. You know even just a dollar…Those little dollars, they add up and they’re able to help somebody get back on their feet and be the mother that they’re supposed to be.”

Jackie emphasizes her gratitude for Quest Recovery. “Without the Quest program, I wouldn’t be here today. They brought me so far and knowing that you guys are part of that and that you fund that–I am a new person today and I just want to say thank you.”

United Way’s 2-1-1 » help line is an easy to remember three-digit telephone number that can be used to access community resources available to Greater Stark County residents. By simply dialing 2-1-1, callers can reach the Information & Referral help line and be directed to health and human service agencies and programs.The service is free, confidential and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Funded by United Way, Quest Recovery Services’ Deliverance House is a residential substance abuse treatment program for women, including those who are pregnant or are parents of small children.

Funded by United Way, YWCA of Canton’s Emergency Homeless Shelter provides 42 units of shelter for homeless women and families for a period of 90 days meeting basic needs of shelter, food, and clothing while they seek safe, affordable and permanent housing.



Client Testimonial: Karen Magee
Funded Partner: United Way’s Ways to Work car loan program

Through United Way’s Ways to Work car loan program, Karen was able to secure reliable transportation to work with a low interest car loan.

“My sister had to take me every day and pick me up from work. And to me I felt like that was a big inconvenience for her even though she said it wasn’t...If I need to stay over work, I don’t have to call…I can stay over work or go in as early as they need me too...It’s great to able to have a car. If it wasn’t for Ways to Work, I don’t think I’d be driving right now…It’s a great opportunity to become independent.”


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