Care Forever

The mission of the United Way Foundation is to enhance United Way's goal to increase the organized capacity of people to care for each other by working cooperatively with the Stark Community Foundation to offer planned giving opportunities that meet both the donor's charitable interests and the community's human service needs.

The United Way Foundation was created to offer annual campaign donors the opportunity to "CARE FOREVER" and make their gift permanent. Members of the Leaders in Giving Club, donors giving $1,000 or more to the annual campaign, can now perpetuate (or endow) their annual gift by making a principal contribution to the United Way Foundation that will generate annual interest equal to the amount of the annual gift.

Why Care Forever?

Whether the reason to "CARE FOREVER" is a conscious decision to make a difference and build upon the strength of previous visionaries, provide lasting support, or convert personal or business assets no longer needed to community assets, the United Way Foundation provides opportunities to fulfill a donor's needs.

To endow a Leaders in Giving Club pledge of

Please consider a gift of 

$1,000 $25,000
$2,000 $50,000
 $10,000 $250,000

 Caring Forever Helps United Way Make a Difference

By endowing one's annual gift through the United Way Foundation, the donor enables the United Way to face the following challenges with additional resources:

United Way must outpace inflation by a margin large enough to meet increased needs.

Because of the ongoing, changing shift in federal funding of key social services, more community programs will be looking to the United Way of Greater Stark County to keep needed services available.

Employee giving has been a major source of revenue for United Ways across the country. Here in Stark County, as firms streamline their operations and reduce the size of their work force, the United Way must look for additional methods of raising sufficient resources to address needs.

Join Our Partnership in Caring for Others

The United Way Foundation represents a continuing partnership between the United Way of Greater Stark County and the Stark Community Foundation. Both foundations offer institutional certainty and promote the long-term betterment of our community.

The United Way Foundation is unique as it supports only the United Way of Greater Stark County and its member agencies. However, the Board of Trustees of the United Way Foundation is composed of equal representation from the United Way of Greater Stark County and the Stark Community Foundation. Together, the trustees oversee the fundraising efforts, the management of the funds and the distributions that support and serve the mission of the United Way Foundation.

Ways to Care Forever

The United Way Foundation is committed to honoring the wishes of our donors with respect to the timing of gifts, the ways to give and the specific use of gifts. We offer a number of alternatives.

When to Make a Gift

Care Forever Commitment

Make a commitment now to permanently endow your current pledge to the annual campaign by making a gift to the United Way Foundation in the future.

Care Forever Now

Make a gift now. The donor may advise the United Way Foundation to invest the initial gift now and begin endowment in the future. For example, a donor intending to perpetuate a $1,000 Leaders in Giving Club pledge may give $10,000 now. Once the initial gift grows to $25,000, endowment of the $1,000 gift would begin.

The Ways to Give

There are many tax-advantaged methods of making a contribution to the United Way Foundation. We encourage all donors to seek appropriate counsel when determining the best way to make a gift. The following is a listing of possible gift planning options:

Current Gift

Depending on your individual circumstances, it may be advantageous to make a contribution of cash, securities, or real estate during a year you receive unusually high income in order to reduce the tax burden. If you have a large estate, it may be advantageous for you to make charitable contribution now to reduce the future estate taxes.


Bequests are the most popular means of gift planning and may reduce estate taxes. Bequests may be in the form of a stated dollar amount, specific property, a percentage of the estate, or residual portion of an estate.


Giving securities allows you to enjoy additional tax savings as capital gains taxes are avoided.

Life Insurance

There are a number of ways you can use existing and/or new life insurance policies as a means of giving to the United Way Foundation while benefiting from tax savings.

Real Estate

Gifts of appreciated real estate may provide ideal tax savings and a sizable gift. In addition, arrangements can be made so that you may retain use of the property for the rest of your life.