Activities, games and incentives

Activities Quick Guide

Activities, games and incentives are your opportunity to add a little something extra to your campaign. Not only do they raise additional money, they are instrumental in team development, creating excitement and educating about United Way of Greater Stark County. Let your committee’s imaginations run wild, or use our ideas below to make your campaign memorable, exciting and successful. Some are even ready to go – just download the materials to use at your rally or on your intranet.

  • Theme Basket Raffle/Auction: Each department assembles a theme basket (golf, chocolate, spa, BBQ, etc.), which are raffled or auctioned off.
  • Jail & Bail: Executives get “arrested” and they can’t leave “jail” until a certain amount of money is raised for their bail. Some companies have had off duty police officers do the “arresting.”
  • Website scavenger hunt: Hand out questions about United Way and have employees search for the answers.
  • Casual for a Cause: Sell Casual Day badges for employees to dress casually on certain days.
  • Tricycle Races: Create teams of 3-4 riders. Teams are named and publicized in advance. Team members ride tricycles through a predetermined course through the office or outside. The race is designed as a relay. Have people make “bets” on the winning team.
  • Chili Cook-Off
  • Penny Wars
  • Pie in the Face

  • Dessert/Ice Cream/Bakery Cart: Wheel around a cart of goodies selling for a small price to collect donations
  • Kickball or Wiffle Ball Tournament
  • Pumpkin Carving or Decorating Contest: Plan a Halloween theme and hold a pumpkin carving contest. Find a local business willing to donate pumpkins for your organization to sell to your employees. Employees buy pumpkins for their families, the staff or to use in the contest. Employees carve or decorate pumpkins individually or in teams. Charge $1 to enter and $1 per vote. Award prizes in various categories, such as – Best traditional pumpkin, Most creative pumpkin, Best Effort by a Group, etc.
  • Walking Taco: Set up an area with taco ingredients for employees to come and make and take tacos. Charge $5 per meal. Great for people that don’t have a long lunch break and need something simple and fast!
  • Lunch Box Auction: Have each participating employee pack a special lunch. Encourage them to get creative and make deluxe sandwiches or wraps. Include delicious treats like brownies or other favorites. Auction before lunch.

These games are a great resource for getting employees and departments involved in the campaign and educated about what United Way of Greater Stark County does. These games can add some fun to your campaign for free!
  • Rent or Groceries Instructions  |  Rent or Groceries Game
  • Funding Game Instructions  |  Funding Game Scenarios  |  United Way Cash

Incentives can build excitement within an organization, energize individuals to give and strengthen overall employee giving. Using incentives in your campaign tends to raise the number of donors! They’re flexible to any organization and any budget. But, be warned, if you stop providing incentives in the future, workplaces tend to then see their campaigns decline, so take that into consideration.
  • Corporate match
  • Prime parking space
  • Pizza party
  • Gift cards
  • “Sleep in Late” coupon
  • “Flee at 3” coupon
  • “Casual Friday” coupon
  • “Snooze & Cruise” coupon

To get the most out of incentives, consider how best to structure them for your campaign. Think about what you want to accomplish, then decide how to set your incentives. Examples below:
  • By individual participation: Anyone who participates is eligible.
  • By timeframe: Anyone who contributes by X day is eligible for a prize/drawing.
  • By increase: Anyone who increases their gift over the previous year by ___ % is eligible for a prize.
  • By gift level: Anyone who gives XX dollars or more is entered into a special drawing.
  • By company goal: If the company achieves XX% participation, all employees can wear jeans on Friday.

Looking for more ideas? Contact your United Way of Greater Stark County representative!