Become a Caring Club® Merchant

Become a Caring Club Card Merchant today!

Promote your business to more than 6,000 United Way of Greater Stark County donors who annually pledge $120 or more

The Caring Club is a recognition program designed as a donor perks program for individuals giving a minimum gift of $120 annually.

WE NEED YOUR HELP. We’re asking you to participate by providing a discount for services or goods to members who carry a Caring Club® card.



  • Merchants will receive free promotion to more than 6,000 United Way donors who live here in Greater Stark County! 

  • Caring Club® members receive an initial thank you letter/email asking them to visit our website which lists all the Caring Club vendors.

  • Members receive monthly email newsletters throughout the year featuring the Caring Club app vendors.

  • Vendors can link to the Caring Club® page on the United Way of Greater Stark County website. 

With the Caring Club App, donors receive smartphone notifications of specials, discount reminders and featured businesses.


With your participation, we can help Stark County give a little and save a lot... If you want to make your business a Caring Club business, email for more information or simply fill out the form below.


For example: 10% off whole house carpet cleaning or $25.00 off new customers.
Please initial that you agree to provide a discount valid from March 1, 2016-February 28, 2017.